Summer 2020 Virtual Choir Project!

This summer we experimented, preparing a single song by recording each member singing individually and then combining those recordings into a single group performance.  We are pleased with the result and think you will be too.  Follow this link to see it:

As a result of our summer project success the Twin Rivers Community Choir has developed a project-oriented model for its 2020-2021 season.


Join the choir, it's loads of fun!   Just $10 for the 2020-2021 season, then you choose which projects you'd like to join for $25 per song. Membership applications and fees are currently being accepted.

Once you are a member you may elect to participate in one or more projects. Each project involves preparing and recording one song, audio and video separately.  Four projects are scheduled for the Fall 2020 session and another four in the Spring 2021 session. The fee for each project is $25.


If you're interested then contact Cathy ( as soon as possible for details and to make your interest known.  The first project has just begun, but you can hop in and join the next project!

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