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Our 2022 Spring Season started on January 20th


News:  ​​We are meeting IN PERSON... again!

  Please read through the following information and the attached documents:

​​Digital media and learning tracks:

  • Every participant will be invited to a Dropbox file entitled 2022 SPRING TWIN RIVERS CHOIR FOLDER.   Within  this folder you will find files for each individual song we are singing.  This link is available in the members area of this website if you lose your emailed invite.

  • Audio and video materials (sheet music, instruction videos, audio track recordings) are all uploaded under each song title.  

  • Zoom meetings will be deposited in the folder entitled ZOOM REHEARSAL RECORDINGS. 

  • Please note - attending in person choristers will NOT be filmed – the Zoom camera will be on Christina - but your voice might be on the audio. 


Membership cost:

  • The Twin Rivers Community Choir is a membership non-profit and we offer a split fee scenario.

  • Basic Membership is $10 – this annual fee covers you for two seasons: Fall 2021/Spring2022 – one time cost. 

  • Participation fee $40/season (applies to both in person and virtual participants) – Payments are due in September and January. Payable to . No password is required as it's set up with auto-deposit.

  • Cheques payable to Twin Rivers Chorale Society are also accepted.  Receipts will be issued.


Registration details:

  CLICK HERE for the Membership Form. Please fill out, e-sign and return to Cathy Bogle at

  CLICK HERE for the acknowledgement Form.

  If you have any difficulties with completion/submission of either the membership form or the acknowledgement (Member Agreement, last page of Covid Policy), or have questions about membership or registration, please call or text Cathy at 250-365-0541.


  If you have general questions on this year's Spring season, call or text Dave Allen at 250-364-8346.


Let’s get singing again!  

"If I cannot fly, let me sing"

- Stephen Sondheim
Winter 2019 20

    We prefer e-transfer. If that is problematic for you please use the site contact link above to request that Dave or Cathy reach out to discuss an alternative with you. 


      Inability to pay the membership fee due to any financial hardship will not preclude anyone from joining the choir. If you would like help with this matter, use the site contact link above to request that Dave or Cathy get in touch with you.

      The Board of Directors and the Music Director volunteer their services to the choir.  We request that all members of Twin Rivers Community Choir take an active part in the choir by assisting the Board and the Music Director with the planning and preparation for performances and in various other ways as required.

Become a member and sing with us!

If you're interested, contact Cathy

(telephone: 250-365-0541 or email: as soon as possible for details and to make your interest known!

The Twin Rivers Community Choir is a member of the BC Choral Federation.