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Join the Choir


Registration is now CLOSED for the spring season.
The next time to join will be for our Fall season in September
- mark your calendar and see you then!

If you are considering joining, please Click HERE for our Chorister Handbook.

LOCATION: The New Life Church in downtown Castlegar, across from Stanley Humphries High School. Address: 602 7th street, Castlegar BC.


TIME: Every Thursday from 7:00pm- 9:00pm. Please be on time.


DATES: January 12th - May 18th, 2023.


ONLINE OPTION: We love our virtual singers and welcome everyone to participate in making music! Therefore, we offer a Zoom rehearsal for those that are feeling unwell or are otherwise unable to attend in person.

A Zoom link is provided in the members area of the website. If you join by Zoom, please ensure your mic is muted - but feel free to sing along in your own space. There will be a meeting coordinator to monitor any questions or comments in the Zoom chat. Cameras can be on or off at your discretion. 

COST: Annual membership dues are $10. In addition, the participation fee is $50 per season (our two seasons being Fall and Spring).  You can choose to pay for the entire 2022/2023 choir year in the fall. (This is a cost of $10 for membership and $100 for the seasons = $110.00).  For membership payment, we prefer e-transfer. You can send your payment to: 

All members are provided downloadable soundtracks.

In the meantime, you can fill out the membership form below to get started.


If you have any questions about membership, or registration, please contact Cathy Bogle at 250-365-0541, or

For the spring season, please fill out the electronic form below, OR print out the Membership form and bring it to choir practice in January.

Membership Form 

Choir Section (click any that apply)
Winter 2019 20

"If I cannot fly, let me sing"

- Stephen Sondheim

    We prefer e-transfer. If that is problematic for you please use the site contact link above to request that Dave or Cathy reach out to discuss an alternative with you. 


      Inability to pay the membership fee due to any financial hardship will not preclude anyone from joining the choir. If you would like help with this matter, use the site contact link above to request that Dave or Cathy get in touch with you.

      The Board of Directors and the Music Director volunteer their services to the choir.  We request that all members of Twin Rivers Community Choir take an active part in the choir by assisting the Board and the Music Director with the planning and preparation for performances and in various other ways as required.

Become a member and sing with us!

If you're interested, contact Cathy Bogle

(telephone: 250-365-0541 or email: to make your interest known!

The Twin Rivers Community Choir is a member of the BC Choral Federation.

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